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Custom Track

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EDM Ghost Producer

Had you given it a thought, that being into ghost production can literally be a stepping stone for your career? With Ghost Producer, it can definitely be possible. We tend to build a mutual bond between the buyers and the sellers in the ghost production setting. We build a systematic professional setting to provide our ghost production services in the easiest possible manner.


Ghost Production Service

EDM Ghost Productions is a  platform for all. As a buyer, you have the opportunity to choose the best EDM ghost producer service for yourself. You can get your tracks customized and hence, have a track which you desire. Have it as you like it. We make dealing with our platform as easy, qualified and reliable for you.

Sell Ghost Produced tracks

EDM Ghost Producer is an open ground for ghost producers to try their hand at ghost production. You post your tracks on our website and earn money with every selling. But it’s not just that. Above all, we help you build your professional career, step by step.

Ghost Production Quality

We give you feedback from our buyer’s side. Hence, will help you gain clarity about where you stand. We provide you with a scale for self-assessment by giving you genuine feedback. The clarity we provide will help you enhance your game and grow in ghost production.

About us

EDM Ghost Productions, established in 2015, works passionately towards building a platform for buying and selling the best of ghost production services. We are here, to free you from the hassle of visiting and revisiting different sites to find the best track. With us, you can choose the best from our collection of ghost produced tracks on the website.

Become A Ghost Producer

Our team diligently works towards delivering the best and convincing music. Lastly, if you are an aspiring EDM ghost producer, we would be obliged to have you board our team. Joining our team will give you great opportunities. How? Firstly, we help you build your professional identity. Secondly, we get your tracks promoted and lastly, you can earn a handful amount of money.

EDM Ghost Producer

EDM Ghost Producer
A ghost producer is the complete anonymous professionals. Hired by EDM Artists or by DJ’s. To create their original tracks, Remixes, Mashup’s and also bootlegs. When EDM Artist/DJ’s don’t have the time to produce their original tracks. They essentially use is to buy the track and rights to release it as an original Track. There are also air-tight contracts between the EDM Artists/DJ’s with ghost producer which prevent identifying the anonymous. Next time, don’t feel cheated if you found out the track you love was actually created by a ghost producer. Who is completely unknown, unnamed person. In today’s modern dilemma of Electronic Dance Music, most of the Artist/DJ’s hire EDM Ghost producer for their Ghost Production work and release the track on record labels as their original tracks.

Ghost Producer

EDM Ghost Producer is the platform which connects up and emerging DJ’s/Artist with top-notch EDM Ghost Producers EDM Ghost Production is an ultimate destination both for buying and selling High-Quality EDM Ghost produced tracks at the Cheapest rate. EDM Ghost production also provides ghost producing service. If you are a producer and want to sell your track online you can submit your produced tracks simply by filling our track submission form and submit your track. Our Team will review your submission and gets back to you once the track is featured on our platform.

Ghost Producers

Our Platform meets the ghost producers’ perspective. Our passion is making music, and we don’t want the spotlight that comes with being a DJ who has to attend live events and playsets in front of large crowds. Learn More

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